The  Ditch Assist Control Module runs the software that makes Ditch Assist function. Occasionally we release firmware updates for the Control Module to enable new functionality, fix bugs, and generally provide improvements and updates. You don’t need to perform a firmware update if Ditch Assist is working correctly for you, and you have no need for any of the new features, but we recommend that you try to run the latest firmware as this should offer the best experience.

Current Firmware Download

This link will open the Dropbox folder containing the current and archive firmware. The current firmware file is the one with the filename ending in .hex. A folder containing archive firmware is also available in case you need to roll back to an older version.

PC Tools Download

PC Tools is a Windows program that must be used to install firmware updates to the Control Module. Please download and install the latest version onto your PC and then follow the instructions below to perform the firmware update. Download PC Tools from here

1. Download Firmware & PC Tools
Use the links above to download the current firmware (.hex file) AND the latest version of PC Tools. Install PC Tools onto your PC

2. Connect your PC to Control Module via Wi-Fi
Power on the Control Module and scan for available wi-fi networks on your PC. Connect to the Ditch Assist network (the default wi-fi password is ‘12345678’)

3. Run PC Tools Software
Open PC Tools. If you are connected to the Control Module via wi-fi then you should see the control module information listed on the first screen that opens (as image 1)*

4. Click on 'Reprogram Device'
Click on the ‘Reprogram Device’ button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Browse to the Firmware File
Locate the firmware file you downloaded (it’s the one ending in .hex). Click Open

6. Wait for Update to Complete
A green progress bar will show you the update progress. Once complete you’ll see a confirmation message.

Once the update is complete, power cycle the Control Module using the power switch or by unplugging the Deutsch connector from Port C.

*If you don’t see any information about a connected controller in Step 3 close PC Tools, wait 30 seconds, then open it again. Sometimes Windows takes a while to recognise connected devices