We received numerous requests from operators of laser systems asking if Ditch Assist can be used for land levelling. In response, we updated the way Ditch Assist works to make it possible to create variable slope planes using SLOPE-IQ. Here's how it works:

With SLOPE-IQ for variable slope ditching, the operator drives the route of the proposed drain and then designs the ditch, as specified here. We have added functionality that effectively creates a plane based on the original survey and design, and 'stretches' the design at 90 degrees from the original survey route. 

In the example image below, the line through the centre of the field represents the original survey route and the design for the variable slope ditch. What Ditch Assist will now do is apply this same variable slope to create a plane that follows the original design. Therefore, if you are land levelling a field or part of a field that is fairly uniform you can perform one survey through the centre of the area, as shown, and then use this as the basis for a variable slope plane design.

To achieve this you don't actually need to do anything different than the instructions here for creating a variable slope ditch - just drive in a straight line to survey, enter the minimum slope you'd like to maintain, and let SLOPE-IQ design the route. When you enter grading mode, Ditch Assist will automatically 'stretch' the original design so that wherever you are in the field, you'll be implementing the target elevation from the nearest point on the originally surveyed route.

In larger fields or those with less uniformity, you will probably need to divide the field into several regions, and re-survey a new line each time you move into a new region.