The simplest function of Ditch Assist is to enter a grade, and then create a straight-line ditch that maintains that grade. This is an easy solution for short distances or where you are wanting to move water between two points.

If you know the grade you want to implement, you can just get started without surveying (start at #7). If you don't know the grade between the two points, then you can use survey mode to determine it:

  1. Open the Survey screen by taping the Survey Tab
  2. Tap Reset to remove any prior surveys from memory
  3. Drive to either the desired outlet location or the location you'd like to move water from
  4. Tap Start on the Survey screen
  5. Drive to the opposite location. Tap Stop
  6. Read off the average grade between the two points
  7. On the app's Grading screen, you'll see a box to enter a target grade. Enter either your known grade or the grade reported by your survey. Ditch Assist uses percent grade, so for example entering 0.1 would be 0.1% (equal to 1ft of fall per 1000ft travelled). 0.05 would be equal to 6" per 1000'.
  8. Select Uphill or Downhill. This sets and locks the virtual grade line that you will be cutting. If you are starting at the high point and working towards the outlet, select Downhill. If you are starting at the outlet and working uphill towards the problem area, enter Uphill. 
  9. Lower your implement to the desired starting depth (typically at ground level or just below ground level)
  10. Tap Start and begin driving
  11. Ditch Assist will operate the hydraulic valve to maintain your desired grade
  12. When you need to dump or turn around, tap STOP and then either use the tablet or the tractor controls to raise the implement. DON'T PRESS RESET IF YOU PLAN TO CONTINUE THE SAME CUT AS THIS WILL CLEAR THE CURRENT GRADE LINE FROM MEMORY
  13. Return to the ditch, and tap Start again to resume automated control. NOTE: If you turn around and start working in the opposite direction, DO NOT switch the Uphill/Downhill selection - the original grade line is locked in regardless of which direction you travel!
  14. If you find you are cutting too much in a single pass, use the Nudge Up button to raise the implement until the cut is manageable. You'll see on screen how many inches you are currently nudged. The map will also show red markers, indicating you didn't achieve the desired grade/depth and should come back for additional passes. On subsequent passes, nudge back down until you are at target grade/depth and green markers are being dropped.
  15. You now have an on-grade ditch!