Trimble smart antennas are configured using either a Trimble/Case IH Display, or the Ag Remote PC software and a Trimble programming cable. Displays with built-in GPS receivers (e.g. the FM 1000, FM 750 etc) are configured using Ag Remote from within the display. It is strongly recommended that your Trimble dealer or support specialist performs the configuration for you. Instructions below are a guide only for experienced users. Typically on smart antennas, Port A is configured for NMEA output so that Port B can be used for the RTK radio. 

  • In the settings screen (or Ag Remote), browse to Configuration > Port A Configuration
  • Set the output settings on the following screen as shown:

  • The following three screens (NMEA1, NMEA2, and NMEA3) show what NMEA messages are output from the port. Message types shown in upper case are being output; message types shown in lower case are not. Make sure GGA and VTG are shown in CAPITALS and all other messages are not.
  • On the next screen (Port Output Rate), make sure ASAP is selected. This will enable either 5Hz or 10Hz message rate, depending on your receiver. ASAP equals the rate selected on the Filter and Position Rate screen under the GNSS Config menu. A setting of ASAP outputs positions five or ten times every second. The default (factory) setting is 1 Hz.