Once you've installed the hardware on the implement/tractor, and downloaded/installed the Ditch Assist App you are ready to run the system. Follow these steps for a trouble-free experience:

  1. Power on the Control Module via the switch on the power cable. Lights on the module will tell you if it has power
  2. Power on your GPS if it's not being powered by the Ditch Assist harness
  3. In the Settings on your tablet, establish a new Wi-Fi connection to the Ditch Assist Control Module. When you browse available networks you'll see one called 'Ditch Assist'. You'll be prompted for a Wi-Fi password, which is 12345678
  4. Open the Ditch Assist App. Tap 'Connect Wi-Fi' in the upper right of the screen. You should see a message on the left side that you are connected.
  5. Verify that Ditch Assist is receiving GPS data. The GPS info pane on the left of the screen should show position information. 
  6. Verify that you have hydraulic control: Provide constant hydraulic flow to the valve circuit. Press and hold the Raise/Lower buttons on the tablet. If the implement moves in the opposite direction, switch the harness wires that are connected to the valve. If nothing happens, confirm that the valve is being activated by checking the LEDs on the valve; they should illuminate when you press Raise/Lower on the tablet. If the LEDs illuminate but nothing happens you likely need to reverse the hydraulic flow or double check you have everything hooked up correctly and are supplying constant pressure to the correct circuit.

Assuming you have control then you have everything installed correctly!