Ditch Assist Mobile Proportional Valve

We ship Ditch Assist with either a Bucher or Danfoss valve. We've carried out extensive testing with both and found both to offer equal performance. We opted to use two suppliers to ensure availability. 

Ditch Assist now ships with the Valve Bypass kit as standard. The Bypass Kit allows a second set of hydraulic lines to be connected to a different hydraulic circuit on the tractor, enabling the operator to shut off the hydraulic remotes operating the valve and manually operate the implement hydraulics without having to use the on-screen Raise/Lower buttons on the tablet screen. This is especially useful when working on side slopes or when making initial passes where automated grade control is not required. Simply install the tee fitting below the Pioneer coupler as shown, and then attach the additional set of hydraulic hoses to it. Connect these hoses to a separate set of hydraulic remotes on the tractor.


When operating the implement up/down hydraulics manually via the bypass circuit, you MUST ensure that constant flow (or float) remains turned ON to the P port on the other circuit (i.e. the circuit used for automated control). If there is no flow to the P port on the valve, there is a risk of back pressure building in the T port that could damage the valve over time. Provided you have stopped automated control (by pressing STOP or HOLD on the app), Ditch Assist will not be trying to control the implement and you'll be able to operate manually via the tractor controls.

The valve should be mounted either on the implement to be controlled or on the rear of the tractor (if you plan to use the same tractor to operate multiple implements then this is recommended). It needs to be mounted in a location that allows the implement up/down hoses to be connected to the quick couplers, and also where the included hydraulic lines from the valve can reach the tractor ports. The standard Ditch Assist Kits include a valve mounting bracket that may be welded or bolted to the implement or rear of tractor.

Valve Assembly:

On the Bucher valve, the implement hoses are connected to the ports on the central block using the included Pioneer QR couplers. The hoses from the valve to the tractor connect to the P and T ports on the outside valve blocks. 

Assembly of the Danfoss valve is very similar

Valves will only operate with hydraulic flow from the tractor in one direction; so that incoming flow is received by the P port on the valve. Valves are protected from reverse flows by one-way check valves (internally on Bucher, and on Danfoss it is attached to the T port). If you are unable to move the implement, you likely need to change the direction of flow from the tractor.