Typical Installation

The Ditch Assist Control Module and proportional valve (if used) are mounted either near the hitch on the implement being controlled, or at the rear of the tractor. The power harness is connected directly to the tractor battery. The GPS antenna is mounted in a raised position on the implement being controlled, and is mounted to a location that moves up and down proportionally to the cutting edge:

Depending upon the type of equipment you plan to install Ditch Assist on, the exact method will vary somewhat. Ditch Assist is extremely simple to install and move between equipment. The following guidelines should help you determine a suitable installation for your particular equipment.

  • The Control Module can be mounted using the included magnet mounts. Attach it to the implement in a location where it won't be pinched or damaged during operation, and where it has good line-of-sight to the cab. Typically, somewhere near the hitch of the implement is the best location. Although it is weather sealed, we recommend you always install it with the ports down to prevent the possibility of water getting inside. If you are using a GPS receiver that requires you to connect the Ditch Assist GPS cable to an in-cab display (e.g. Trimble FM display, Outback STX/MAX etc) then you can install the Control Module inside the cab, and just route the power harness and cable that connects to the proportional valve out of the cab.
  • The Wiring Harness has 7 plugs. The 3 larger plugs connect to the Control Module Ports A, C, and D. They are keyed so they cannot be installed into the wrong ports. Two plugs go to the valve. The remaining two plugs connect to the power and GPS harnesses, and again are unique so cannot be mixed up. Install the blank plug into the unused port in the Control Module to prevent dirt and moisture ingress.
  • The Proportional Valve ships with a mounting bracket that can be welded to the implement. If you decide to use a clamp or other measures instead of welding, make sure it will not come off and cause damage to the valve or hoses. Make sure the valve is in a location that the implement hoses can reach it, and that the Ditch Assist hoses can reach the tractor's hydraulic ports.
  • The Power Cable MUST go to the tractor battery terminals. We have had numerous support cases where owners have connected to a plugin on the back of the tractor, and we found that the voltage fluctuates, causing the Control Module to reset. If you plan on using more than one tractor, you can purchase additional power harnesses that can be permanently installed on each tractor.
  • The GPS Antenna must be installed somewhere that goes up and down proportionally to the cutting edge. For best results, it should be raised above the implement so that nothing can block the GPS signals or reflect the signal back to the GPS (this is known as multipath and will probably throw off your accuracy considerably)
  • Your Android Tablet should be installed in the cab. The Ditch Assist Kits include a tablet RAM Mount that can be used for this.

Example setup on a land leveller showing GPS, Control Module, and Valve installed